Story by Ty Rutledge

During a recent orientation session at Crossroads, there were two young women who particularly caught my interest. Their inspirational story could be titled, “You Are Not Your Circumstances.”


Sarah Wood received her degree in English two years ago from Dalton State College, but not being able to find a job in her field brought financial instability and eventually led to her becoming homeless. Sarah was residing at the Taskforce when she met Kaushalya Charan De. Kaushalya was a senior studying sociology at Georgia State University, but was wondering whether it was time to give up and quit. Remembering that difficult time, Kaushalya stated, “Being homeless and trying to finish school is an indescribable struggle.”

Because of Sarah’s encouragement and ability to help Kaushalya with homework, the GSU student was able to finish school and get her degree. For Sarah, providing that support while building a friendship with another learner rebuilt her own self-confidence and inspired her to continue her own search for employment. Now these college graduates both have jobs at Best Tek E-Recycling!

At a crucial moment in their journey, Crossroads assisted Sarah and Kaushalya in obtaining their proper identification and will continue to be a resource to them for computer and transportation services. But it was their hard work, mutual support and determination to overcome very difficult circumstances that were the key factors in their success. Great job, ladies!