From Survival to Stability

Together We’re Helping Men & Women Thrive

6,000 Men, Women and Children Served Annually

Monday through Friday, Crossroads serves as a refuge for those experiencing homelessness. Each year, we help more than 6,000 individuals take their first steps toward a stable, safe, and sustainable future through Clyde’s Kitchen, The Renewal Project and the Door-to-Door Housing Program.


The Renewal Project

The Renewal Project is a 180-day stabilization program that offers essential services that help individual’s progress toward ending their homelessness. Fundamental services include individual counseling and assessment, case management, a mailing address and mailbox access, documentation services, and MARTA passes for employment-related and medical emergencies. 

Last year the Renewal Project assisted over 2,400 unduplicated men, women and children. Guests were provided with 1,530 Birth Certificates, 1,142 Georgia State Identification and 8.481 mail room visits.

Clyde’s Kitchen

Although continuing to operate in limited capacity due to ongoing COVID restrictions last year, Clyde’s Kitchen served over 23,000 meals, averaging 100 each day, with the ongoing assistance of 1,348 volunteers.

Door-to-Door Housing Program

“All who arrive at our door will be empowered along the journey to arrive at a door of their own”

The Door-to-Door Program supports individuals, families and veterans who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of experiencing homelessness. With case management, we provide emergency rent, move-in and utility assistance, alongside community referrals. 

If you would like to help our neighbors celebrate their new homes with a move-in gift, we accept gift-card donations to offer our guests! For more information please refer to our “donate page”.