From Survival to Success

Together We’re Helping Men & Women Thrive


The Renewal Project

  • 180-day stabilization program
  • Helps able-bodied adults get back on their feet
  • Provides over 7,881 of our neighbors with mail room services
  • Enables men and women to acquire quality, work appropriate clothing
  • Supplies over 6,500 MARTA cards for employment-related and medical emergencies
  • Acquires 1,740 birth certificates from all U.S. States and 1,268 Georgia state-issued IDs
  • To meet the growing demand for identification, particularly among people who have limited access to transportation, Crossroads offers a mobile documentation unit that services people at our partner agencies such as the City of Refuge, The Salvation Army, Gateway Center, Living Room, First Presbyterian Church, ReStart 3:20 and Partnership Against Domestic Violence

Clyde’s Kitchen is open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday and serves an average of 212 meals daily to our neediest neighbors.

  • 52,959 meals served last year
  • 51,447 adults served
  • 1,512 children served

Crossroads Connect

  • Employment training program to help our neighbors develop a stable and sustainable future
  • Identifies employment opportunities
  • Provides job-training skills that include,
    • Computer access and basic courses with an introduction to Microsoft Office
    • Resume building and interview techniques workshops
    • Financial planning with a basic understanding of banking and one on one personal finance discussions
    • Teamwork, time management, and conflict resolution development
  • 287 men and women have completed the training program, including 115 veterans
  • 125 men and women have been gainfully employed, including 52 veterans