Six months ago Renee Bell came to Crossroads broken and suffering from abuse and alcohol addiction. Through the diligent service of the Crossroads’ staff, we were able to direct her to a treatment facility that assisted her on the road to recovery. With a strong desire within to be well, Renee is consistently attending her AA meetings, has established housing, and most recently reconnected with her children. Renee states that she truly appreciates the help and patience of Crossroads’ case managers during her transition and that she has them to thank for her continued success.

Renee recently became employed part-time with the Corner Bakery in Atlanta. She loves the fact that she is able to work a job doing what she enjoys which is cooking and food preparation. She states that she plans to work for this company as long as possible being that there are opportunities for growth. Her reason for wanting to work part-time is so that she will have the opportunity to spend more time with her family since they were separated temporarily while she was in rehabilitation.
Her long-term goal is to go back to school to become a social worker. She would like to help others, like herself, who have suffered with alcohol and drug addiction, assisting them through the recovery process. “Someone poured into me while I was in need”, explains Renee, “so how could I do anything but pour into others.”