Paula Ballet

Without Crossroads people who are homeless wouldn’t get any help or have a place to go where they are treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. I know because I have been there in my life where I was homeless, needed help and sometimes felt mistreated.
Compassion and help are what you find when you come to Crossroads.
Paula Ballew has been a case manager at Crossroads since 2016. Always greeting Guests with a smile, she is one of the first staff members
Guests are introduced to when they come to Crossroads. A key function of her position is to work with guests to help identify what they need to stabilize and connect them with available resources.
The initial intake process is crucial to identifying the resources Guests need to stabilize. At Crossroads, our mission is to provide the tools and services that help individuals experiencing homelessness stabilize, gain employment, and secure affordable housing. Each week Crossroads works with more than 60 individuals and families by connecting them to vital community resources and providing them with a number of services such individual counseling and assessment, mailing address and mailbox access, birth certificate and identification services, MARTA passes, healthcare, daily meals, and employment and job training resources.
Paula consistently receives praise from guests for her empathy and compassion while also giving Guests what they need. Paula accredits her positive interactions with Guests and ability to provide them with what they need to her experience living on the streets. To Paula, Crossroads provides stability and peace of mind and she enjoys witnessing the miracles that happen here each day.