Partnership Spotlight

In the month of August, Crossroads kicked off its’ first Food Service Training Course or Cooking with Crossroads, for which we enrolled 5 participants. The course included public health safety and regulations, cutting techniques, menu development, hands-on-meal preparation, kitchen etiquette, and ServSafe training and testing, just to name a few. 

ServSafe is the restaurant industry’s premiere food safe education and training program recognized throughout the US.

Our participants had a great time preparing meals with professional chefs including Crossroads’ own Clyde Corbin in a state-of-the-art industrial kitchen.  After 4 weeks of training, we are proud to announce that all 5 participants are certified ServSafe food handlers. 

Congratulations to Sandra Tucker, Cherries Wilson, Dedra Bryant, Rickey Sanchez, and Gardner Dozier on a job well done!
Our next Food Service Training Course will begin in the month of November.  If you would like to refer clients to participate, please contact for additional information.