Note From The Executive Director

The Crossroads mission states “Crossroads Community Ministries seeks to provide access to resources that empower people experiencing homelessness to progress on the road toward economic and personal stability.” While there are several key words in that statement (access, empower, progress), the one that stands out to me as our ultimate goal is stability.

It cannot be understated just how important creating a stable environment is in overcoming homelessness. It is easy to take for granted the things we have that provide stability in our own lives – family, a home, a job, good health, transportation. But none of us are immune to the consequences of the loss of those things we depend on each day for the life we enjoy. For those we serve at Crossroads, that stability was either never present in their lives or taken away by some life-altering circumstance.

Scripture is clear in its call for us, in imitation of Jesus, to form communities that seek the stability of all our neighbors. In the story of the Gospels, Jesus takes a very counterintuitive position in the community as one of the vulnerable and needy, then declares that the community will be judged based on their response to His brothers and sisters, “the least of these” (Matthew 25:31-46). Our justification as followers of Christ appears to come in our providing stability for our hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, sick, imprisoned neighbor!

As we remember the death and resurrection of our vulnerable and needy Savior in Holy Week, what blessed opportunity we have to serve Him by creating stability with those with whom He identified. As we follow the Gospel story on into the community revealed in Acts, we see that those first faithful followers of Christ made providing stability for those in need their very first priority (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-35; et al). This was a self-giving life on behalf of other that went beyond charity to intentional engagement and relationship. Where there was instability they gave not only of their resources but also of themselves in implementing new systems to provide for what was lost.

For me, that is what sets the Crossroads community apart. Staff, volunteers, donors and partners joining with those we serve to create a new reality that shows the world another way – the way of Christ! May His peace be with us all!