As I reflect on my one-year anniversary as Executive Director of this vital ministry, I am overwhelmed by the great service in which I have had the privilege to participate. This is first and foremost because of the incredibly devoted, passionate team of staff and volunteers who pour out their energy, skill and compassion on behalf of those we serve each and every day. It’s not just about the number of people who walk through our doors seeking hope; it is about the genuine concern and care that is shared one person at a time by those who serve.

This is true ministry. Restoring dignity by valuing every individual equally creates an environment in which every person can realize true stability in life. No longer must they fight alone simply to survive; rather, they now have the support of a family that believes in them and will be here for them day after day, week after week, year after year, to ensure they never give up and are never given up on.

I am sure many of you have heard by now of the announced closing of the Peachtree and Pine shelter next month. This is the largest shelter in the city of Atlanta, many nights hosting more than 600 individuals experiencing homelessness. It is located less than 100 yards from Crossroads’ front door. For years, we have served most of the residents of this shelter on a daily basis. With the shelter closing, Crossroads has the opportunity to empower these men, women and children like never before. We have been invited to join in an effort with other leading homeless service providers to ensure that those who have called Peachtree and Pine home will find new homes that allow them to move forward out of homelessness with access to needed resources – and with dignity.

The great news is that the non-profit community, the city, the county, local churches and businesses have come together to make sure the needed resources are available for this important group of individuals. The next step is for a caring group of people – a family – to come alongside them and make sure they are able to realize the hope of the available resources.

Crossroads is committed to being that family!

We now need you, our supporters, to help make sure we have the financial resources we need to walk with them through this transition. Additional staff is needed to meet the urgent need created by the short timeline of the closing. I am grateful to each of you who have so generously supported us through the years. Now I ask that you consider making a special gift during this critical time to ensure no one gets left behind.

Thank you!