Friends of Crossroads

What an exciting time to be part of the life-giving ministry taking place here at Crossroads! Our work on behalf of those experiencing homelessness in Atlanta has never been more effective or more in demand.

This impact is the direct result of an incredibly diverse group of donors, volunteers and partners working collaboratively to address the injustice of homelessness. As a result, a relatively small organization like ours is able to provide access for those experiencing homelessness to resources in housing, healthcare, transportation, employment, and a host of other areas. It is precisely this collaborative and wholistic approach that is needed for individuals and families to go from walking through the door of Clyde’s Kitchen to walking through the door of their own home.

One of the most important aspects of this effort is the partner agencies who come to Crossroads to provide services. They include Mercy Care and The Fulton County Board of Health, both of whom provide TB and HIV screenings, along with other preventive services and access to more in-depth care. The Gateway Center assesses individuals for placement into housing, including permanent supportive care for those with more acute needs. Staff from United Way’s Street To Home team are on-site each week to assist the most housing-ready individuals in quickly identifying stable and affordable housing options. And the great folks from HOPE Atlanta are here weekly to work one-on-one with those dealing with the greatest barriers to stability, including those with acute mental health challenges.

It is only through the consistency of access to this diverse array of resources that the many obstacles faced by those experiencing homelessness can be overcome – especially for those living on the streets instead of in shelters. Because of the many years of consistent service Crossroads has been able to provide, those who find themselves in crisis know they can turn to us for the help they need. And because of this, those who provide help throughout the Atlanta community know that they can rely on us as a stable and effective partner.

This consistency is only possible because of the consistent and generous support we receive from you! From occasional givers to those who give annually at our Gala or through our end-of-the-year campaign; from those who give large gifts to those who can only give a little; each and every gift helps to give life and hope to a neighbor in crisis, and for each and every gift we are truly grateful!

But for those looking to make an even greater impact, I challenge you to consider becoming a monthly donor. Even the smallest amount, when given monthly, helps provide a stable stream of funding that insures the consistency of the resources we provide. You can set up monthly gifts on our website at

Thank you for your support!
Tony Johns