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Each year, Crossroads assists over 4,200 men, women and children who are homeless in metro Atlanta. About 44% of our Guests are women and children, representing more than a 350% overall increase in the number of children turning to Crossroads for help since 2008.

About Us

Crossroads began over 40 years ago when a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church handed a homeless man a sandwich.  Today, we are a refuge for people who are homeless in Atlanta, offering compassion with constructive programs designed to give the people who come to us for help the tools they need to get off the streets. Crossroads’ well-trained staff and committed volunteers provide a variety of services to help people who are homeless find shelter and stability. Each year, Crossroads:

  • serves 60,000 meals to men, women and children who are homeless;
  • provides 6,500 MARTA passes for employment-related and medical emergencies;
  • serves over 4,200 men, women and children;
  • provides 3,500 Guests with a mailing address—a critical first step to end homelessness;
  • acquires 3,100 state issued IDs and birth certificates for Guests;
  • assists with placing 300 Guests in detox and treatment programs; and
  • assists with placing 200 women and children into safe, affordable housing.

Crossroads Community Ministries is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization

Our Team

Governance Board

  • Jeronia Blue
  • Pat Brumbaugh
  • Seleitha Champion
  • Ashley Cummings, Secretary
  • Tracie Harps
  • Dominic Heard, Director, Operations
  • Mary S. Hinton
  • Beth Hodges
  • Lauren Holder
  • Tony Johns. Executive Director
  • Livingstone Johnson
  • Kate Kennedy
  • John Mercer
  • John Moye
  • Mary Norris
  • Mike Ruberti, Vice Chair
  • Jonathan Serrie
  • Al Sherrod
  • Trey Shipp, Treasurer
  • Wayne Vason, Chair

Advisory Board

  • John Beane
  • Mark Bellamy
  • Buddy Curry
  • John Dalton
  • Sam Dunlap
  • Leslie Fletcher
  • Peggy Foreman
  • Greg and Amanda Gregory
  • Bruce Gunter
  • Richard Hines
  • Mark Jones
  • Jane Long
  • Chris Marshall
  • Frank Moye


Tony Johns
Dominic Heard